Dog’s Kennel - A Detailed Guide For Your Dog’s New Home

Congratulations on becoming the parent of an animal known for its kindness and loyalty. You are now on the ride called parenting! If you are struggling to find the all-in-one kind of home for your dog, then you are at the right place.

Dig deeper because this article has everything you need to know before purchasing a dog's kennel.

What Is A Dog Kennel?

As a new dog owner, it is essential to understand the concept of a kennel and its significance in your pet's life. A kennel is an enclosed space for dogs where they can play, sleep, and enjoy their' me time'.

In other words, a kennel or shelter is that sacred space that dog parents build for their pets for their emotional and physical well-being. Our pets can't speak for themselves, so it's our responsibility to be their voice and build the right home for them. 

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3 Reasons Why Kennels Are Essential For Dogs?

Dogs love having their safe space, which entirely belongs to them. Here are the top 3 reasons why kennels are important for your pet.

House Training Becomes More Accessible.

Training your dog is the most crucial part as a dog parent, but it isn't anymore. A shelter is capable of helping you throughout this teaching period. 

Be it potty training or practicing high fives, and it gets easy if you have a kennel at home. 

Teach your pet gradually about the good and the bad, and treat them with their favorite cookie every time they make progress.  

No More Worry About Traveling

If your pet is having a hard time while traveling, it's a sign for you to bring in a kennel, as it is handy and instantly enhances the experience of traveling for your furry baby. 

Besides keeping dogs calm and comfortable, kennels also help dogs adapt to new environments that might make them agitated.

An Indoor Place For Playing

Due to the busiest days, taking your dog for a walk or exercise is nearly impossible. In such circumstances, the kennel comes to the rescue.

It has enough platform for your dog to play in and enjoy their me time while keeping them safe and comfortable even when left unsupervised.

Types Of Kennels

Before buying a shelter home for your baby pet, it is vital to learn about the different types of materials and why they are preferred.

Interlocking Chain Link Kennel

The name says it all, this type of kennel is usually larger and is preferred in the backyard or terrace of your home. 

They are built with thick steel while connecting with one another in an interlocking pattern. It is excellent for older dogs as it possesses enough room for your baby to play and stroll.

Wooden Kennel

The wooden kennel is an ideal kennel one can bring for their pet. They are cost sufficient, easy to clean versatile in every way. 

The wooden kennel works wonderfully in all seasons and doesn't ditch you when it rains. 

Tips And Tricks To Keep Kennel Clean

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you clean your dog's home.

Before starting the cleaning routine, ensure you send your pet away from the kennel to avoid any miserable circumstances.

Step 1:  

Once the pet is gone, start the procedure of cleaning by removing food bowls, water bowls, toys and bedding.

Step 2:

Take a broom and scrap all the junk from this space, such as hair, wrappers and rotten food. 

Step 3: 

It's time to introduce disinfectant and cleaning agents to the kennel. It is advised to make a mixture of disinfectant by diluting it with water and spraying it all over the shelter.  

Step 4: 

Once the spraying is done, take a bristle brush and start scrubbing the kennel. Start from the top and then go all the way. It is the best method to exfoliate and remove the filth.

Step 5: 

Lastly, properly rinse the entire thing with water and make sure no residue is left.

Your dog's home is now ready! Make sure you place fresh food and treat for your beloved pet.

That's It For Today!

It's heart-warming to see your pet having a great time in the space you have put together with much love and effort. Remember to praise your lovely pet today!

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