6 Best Dachshund Breeders in Georgia 2023


If are you looking for reputable Dachshund breeders in Georgia, then this post is the best place to start. But first, you need to know about what is Dachshund breed. Dachshund dogs are intelligent, energetic, brave, and have exciting personalities. They have very famous among dog lovers. They come in 2 sizes, and they as well come in 3 kinds of coat colors and patterns. Dachshund dogs are smart and vigilant, they as well are big-dog bark and they will be great watchdogs.

Therefore, we have completed our research to find the 6 Best Dachshund breeders in Ga, to help you find the right breeders. 

Dachshund puppies for sale in Georgia, GA

If you live in GA and want to purchase friendly top quality Dachshund puppies for your family then read this post to the end. We created a list of the 6 best Dachshund breeders in Georgia, GA to help you find the right puppy.

Best Dachshund breeders in Georgia

1.JLS Dachshund, GA

JLS Dachshund is a breeder of smooth coat Miniature Dachshunds. They are located in Clermont, Ga.  They specialize in many colors of Dachshund like chocolate, Isabella Fawn, and Dapples. All of their puppies are raised in their home with tons of love and attention.

All of their Dachshund has been vaccinated and dewormed. Their puppies as well registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). This Dachshund breeder offer 1-year health guarantee against any serious illness.

Dachshund breeder Info

Address: Clermont, GA

Email: jensteph13@gmail.com

Phone: (770) 530-5008

Website: JLS Dachshund

2. Grandma’s Hot Dogs, GA

Grandma’s Hot Dogs specialize in Miniature Dachshund puppies. All of their puppies are AKC registered. They produce many colors and patterns, such as English Creams. Grandma's Hotdogs has been breeding for over 20 years.

All puppies offer a lot of love and kind care and they raise their puppies in their home. They provide unique and different breeding programs. They only own 6 breeding Doxies currently and they all have been raised in their home as pets.

They produce technical features of Dachshunds such as confirmation and disposition. All of their puppies as well offer comfort, tons of love, raise in a fresh environment, toys, and activities to all of their puppies and breeding pets.

Their puppies have been socialized with other animals and they breed the strongest Miniature Dachshunds in the Athens area. All dogs are part of their family. When you buy the puppy from this breeder, they provide proper paperwork and health check by their local vet.

Dachshund breeder Info

Address: 2890 Forest Close Dr, Duluth, GA 30097

Email: grandmashotdogs@gmail.com

Phone: (770) 813-7448 and (770) 490-0454

Website: Grandma’s Hot Dogs

3. Kylane Kennel GA

Kylane Kennel is a small family breeder located in Guyton Georgia. They began their breeding business in 1997.  They take great pride in providing top-quality pets to all customers.

Kylane Kennel works hard to produce all puppies that come with great personalities and lots of love and care. You can rest assured this is one of the top-quality Dachshund breeders in Ga.

Dachshund breeder Info

Address: Guyton, Georgia.

Phone: (912) 772-7243

Website: Kylane Kennel

4.Smoke Rise Dachshunds

Smoke Rise Dachshunds is located in beautiful Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Their dogs compete in American Kennel Club like show dogs with their pets. They as well every so often breed a litter to produce their following champion and lovely family pets for sale in Ga.  They make for strong and caring temperaments while securing the real nature of the Dachshund is complete. 

Smoke Rise Dachshunds use the method of the Puppy Culture protocols to raise their puppies, and have had huge results transitioning to their new homes coz of their method. Their puppies are not allowed to leave their care till they are at least four months of age.  They only do this to make sure they have spent plenty of time with mom, their pack, and with them.

Dachshund breeder Info

Address: Stone Mountain, GA

Email: smokerisedachshunds@gmail.com

Website: Smoke Rise Dachshunds

5. Wildwood Ridge

Wildwood Ridge has been raising these lovely Dachshund puppies for over 30 years. They are located in peaceful Whitesville, Georgia, which is suitably located off of I-185, about one hour drive from south of Atlanta.

All of their dogs are members of their family, and "spoiled rotten" till going to their forever homes. Their Dachshunds capture your heart with their fun personalities and affection, creating it so simple to spoil them. They breed strong, and happy Dachshunds who will create an ideal addition to any family.

All of their Dachshunds are very smart, confident, brave, and active companions.  They only breed litters of miniature dachshunds each year. They are very specific about where their puppies go. They produce smooth and long coats in a wide range of colors.

All of their pups live with them from birth till they go to their new home. They are loved and cared on a regular basis and as well have been well-socialized with their family and other pets.

Dachshund breeder Info

Address: Whitesville, GA

Phone no: (706) 663-7669

Email: nommz4@aol.com

Website: Wildwood Ridge

6. Chances R Farm

This Dachshund breeder's aim is to offer great top-quality AKC registered Miniature Dachshunds.  They are located in Maysville Georgia. All of their Dachshunds are very well-socialized family-friendly dogs. All of their puppies are small in size and have fun-loving temperaments then they are as well smart and simple to train.

Chances R Farm focuses on long-haired cream Mini Dachshunds. All of their puppies have been up-to-date on their first shots of vaccinations and worming and as well been microchipped. They also provide crate training and housebreaking before the puppies go to their new homes.

Dachshund breeder Info

Phone no: (678) 656-9439

Email: manager@chancesrfarm.com

Website: Chances R Farm

How to find the Dachshund breeder in Georgia, Ga

If you are looking for a reputable Dachshund breeder in Georgia, you must first learn about the individual's reputation. Check to see if the person has a good reputation. This will demonstrate the breeder's credibility. This indicates that the individual is trustworthy.

A reputable breeder has researched dog breeds. A reputable breeder will demonstrate his or her knowledge of the breed. He or she will also provide you with references.

A reliable breeder will also tell you about his or her previous experience. This means you'll learn how long he or she has been breeding Dachshund puppies. A breeder that has been breeding dogs for several years is likely to be a better breeder.

We also recommend that you read prior customer reviews on online forums when looking for a reputable Dachshund breeder in Georgia. Similarly, you must conduct your own research and speak with others in the community about this breeder.

You must speak with people in the industry who you know or who have connections to the breeder's business. You will be able to find out what other folks think about this breeder. It's ideal not to discuss anything you're doing in public because it may offend or irritate others.

Conclusion for best Dachshund breeders in Georgia, Ga

I hope that you like our post Best Dachshund breeders in Georgia. If you want to buy a top-quality healthy, happy Dachshund puppy then you must think about our list of reputable breeders.




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