5 Best Dachshund Breeders in Massachusetts (MA) 2023


Massachusetts, the state known for its liberal views and the birthplace of the New England Patriots football team, has seen a recent influx of dachshunds. The purpose of Dachshunds was to hunt champions, they are well-known for their stubbornness, playful and they are loyal to their owners. They are as well great family pets

Thus, if you're looking for the top Dachshunds breeders in Massachusetts look no further. We have compiled a list of the top dachshund breeders in the state. These dog breeders have been verified by the AKC and offer top-quality Dachshund puppies.

Dachshund puppies for sale in Massachusetts, MA

If you live in MA and want to purchase friendly top quality Dachshund puppies for your family then read this post to the end. We created a list of the 5 best Dachshund breeders in Massachusetts, MA to help you find the right puppy.

Best Dachshund breeders in Massachusetts

1.DTD Dachshund Puppies MA

This Dachshund breeder specializes in healthy, happy miniature short and long hair Dachshunds that will be your lifelong companions. All of their Dachshunds are AKC registered. They are located in Massachusetts. They raised their puppies in their home with plenty of care and love.

They socialized all of their puppies with other dogs and children. Once their puppies go to their forever home at 8 weeks old, they will be vet checked and obtain the first shot of vaccinations and dewormed.

Dachshund breeder Info:

Website: DTD Puppies

Location: North Andover, MA 01845

Email: dtdpuppies@icloud.com

2. Depot Dachsies MA

Depot Dachsies is a small in-home breeder located in Easton, Massachusetts. They breed both long and smooth coats, AKC, miniature, and tweenie, and they every so often sell standard Dachshunds.

They specialize in all colors of Dachshund such as dappled, dilute, and piebalds. They as well produce brindle, which is a rare color that you may not have seen in your Dachshund.

They raise all of their dogs and puppies in their home and make them part of their family. All of their puppies are sold with limited registrations and on spay and neuter contracts.

Depot Dachsies only breed high-quality, loving pets. They focus on breeding quality rather than quantity. They don't like to sell their puppies to brokers, pet stores, or resellers.  

Dachshund breeder Info:

Website: Depot Dachsies

Phone no: (508) 801-1912

Location: Easton, MA

Email: depot.dachsies@gmail.com

3.Paradise Dachshund MA

The Paradise Dachshunds is a breeder of Dachshunds that are licensed and inspected. This breeding business is run by Helen Paradise. She lives in the rural town of Uxbridge, Massachusetts. She's very proud of her successes and the help of her many co-owners. She's working hard to build her business into the world's largest direct seller.

Helen has finished at least 39 'Paradise Champions' in both smooth and long hair. All dogs live inside her home as beloved family pets. Her beautiful home is situated on 8 acres of wooded land and there are two fully enclosed and secure yards for all her puppy's exercise needs.

Helen raised their puppies in a very clean environment inside her home and give them full-time care and tons of love and daily stimulation. All of her puppies have been fully health checked, dewormed, and up-to-date on the first shot of vaccination prior to leaving their homes.

Dachshund breeder Info:

Address: Uxbridge, MA

Email: paradise_dachshunds@yahoo.com

Website: Paradise Dachshunds

4. Pacheco Kennels

The Pacheco Kennels are one of the most respected kennel names in the world and have been breeding and showing Labrador Retrievers for over 40 years. They have a farm where they provide the perfect environment and conditions to give the utmost care to all of their animals. Their facility is located at their home, which is on 10 acres of land.

This breeder takes pride in the fairness of their business practices, as well as the loyalty of their clients. And, most notably, they relieve no expense to ensure that our animals are as healthy and happy as possible.

They make sure their animals are healthy and happy by providing the utmost care, warmth, and excellence in breed standards. They have more than 42 years of experience and their customers have come to expect the very best in animal care, warmth, and excellence.

Dachshund breeder Info:

Address: 830 Judson St, Raynham, MA 02767, United States

Phone: (508)-254-8444

Website: Pacheco Kennels

5. Pet Express

This Dachshund breeder is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Pet Express is a local family-owned run business based in New England. They love their puppy community and offer them the uppermost standards. They produce the happiest, healthiest, and most friendly Dachshund puppies in Boston.

Pet Express builds their facilities on a cutting edge, crate-free, and temperature controlled. They as well have a large selection of pet products in all their suitable locations. If you still have any questions feel free to contact them. Details are given below.

Dachshund breeder Info:

Address: 1201 Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906, United States

Phone: (781)-233-7383

Website: Pet Express

How to find the Dachshund breeder in Massachusetts, MA

If you are looking for a reputable Dachshund breeder in Massachusetts, you must first learn about the individual's reputation. Check to see if the breeder has a good reputation. This will demonstrate the breeder's credibility. This indicates that the individual is trustworthy.

A reputable breeder has researched dog breeds. A reputable breeder will demonstrate his or her knowledge of the breed. He or she will also provide you with references.

A reliable breeder will also tell you about his or her previous experience. This means you'll learn how long he or she has been breeding Dachshund puppies. A breeder that has been breeding dogs for several years is likely to be a better breeder.

We also recommend that you read prior customer reviews on online forums when looking for a reputable Dachshund breeder in MA. Similarly, you must conduct your own research and speak with others in the community about this breeder.

You must speak with people in the industry who you know or who have connections to the breeder's business. You will be able to find out what other folks think about this breeder. It's ideal not to discuss anything you're doing in public because it may offend or irritate others.

Conclusion for best Dachshund breeders in Massachusetts, MA

I hope that you like our post Best Dachshund breeders in Massachusetts. If you want to buy a top-quality healthy, happy Dachshund puppy then you must think about our list of reputable breeders.

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