6 Best Pug Breeders in Colorado 2022


If you are searching for Pug breeders in Colorado then the post is for you. Colorado famous for its lovely places, lovely wildlife, and as well there are many outdoor activities and exercise. Pug breeders in Colorado are very famous all throughout the state. But then there are only a few reputable breeders out there who cared about their pugs’ puppies. It is really crucial you find them and ask as many questions.

Moreover, we did our complete research to compile the list of the 6 best Pug breeders in Colorado. We do not add puppy mills and backyard breeders to our list so you don’t need to worry about them. Therefore, let’s start the article.

Puppies for Sale in Colorado

If you live in Colorado and want to purchase friendly top- quality puppies for your family then read this post to the end. We created a list of the 6 best Pug breeders in Colorado to help you find the right puppy.

Best Pug breeders in Colorado

1. Kloud 9 boxer Colorado

Kloud 9 boxer is the top Pug breeder on our list. They are a small home family-run business specializing in UKC and AKC top-quality boxers and pugs. They are located in Deer Trail Colorado. They have been breeding and showing pugs for more than 20 years.

Their family has been very active in the dog community.  Their family enjoys taking part in UKC and AKC shows. All of their puppies are socialized with their kids and grandchildren and raised in a very healthy environment.

At Kloud 9 their number 1 priority is Boxers and Pugs are offering well-bred, strong, and healthy puppies that will become valuable members of any family.

Pug Breeders Info

Website: kloud9boxers.com

Address / Location: Elizabeth, CO

Phone Number: (720) 490-0380

Email: kloud9boxers@q.com

2. LCP Spirit Mountain Pugs Colorado

LCP Spirit Mountain has been breeding and showing pugs for more than 30 years, and their family has been engaged in breeding for pugs for almost 25 years. Their puppies are born in their home and live indoors with them till they are 8 weeks old then they go to their forever families.

All puppies have been health tested by their local vet before going to their forever homes. They will have obtained their first set of vaccination, have been wormed, and as well have socialized with adults, children, big dogs, small dogs, and cats.

LCP Spirit Mountain provide a 48-hour health guarantee and they suggest you have your new puppy's health checked by your vet within that period of time as a result of your 2-year genetic health guarantee becoming genuine.

Pug Breeder Info

Website: https://lcpspiritmntpugs.webs.com/

Address / Location: Florence, CO

Phone Number: 719-396-5792

3. Flaming Arrow Farm Colorado

Flaming Arrow Farm is located in beautiful Kentucky, which is 1-hour drive from Lexington. They are small home family Pug breeders. They raise their animals and provide them feed in the most natural manner they can. They specialize in mini Mancha goats and their own breed of homesteading chicken.

All of their pugs have been carefully health tested by their vet. They produce only 1 year every year, which makes sure each and all pugs are well-cared, healthy, and strong.

Pug Breeder Info

Website: http://www.flamingarrowfarm.com

Address / Location: Elizabeth, CO

Phone Number: (720) 232-4522

Email: flamingarrowfarm@gmail.com

4. Bit O’Gold Pugs Colorado

This Pug Breeder started their breeding business in 1983. When they bought their first "show dog," one more pug, and started to take part in the sport of dog shows.  They strived to complete their first champion, Christfer, and became obsessed with the sport of dog showing. They have been devoted to the pug breed and have worked really hard to support and preserve the breed.

In the past years, their patience has earned off to limited breeding, as they have bred both Specialty and Best-In-Show winning pugs.  All of their Pugs were produced and owned by them. They have won over one hundred Group I, seven Pug Specialties, and five all-breed Best-In-Shows awards with their pugs.

Bit O’Gold has been a member of the Pug Dog Club of America for over 1986, and has joined each National Specialty for 35 years.  They as well served as editors of the PDCA Bulletin for five years, between that time they changed it into the top-quality publication that it is nowadays. They have as well been selected for the PDCA Board of Directors.

Pug Breeder Info

Address: Montrose, CO

Phone: 970-240-9719

Website: http://bitogoldpugs.com/

5. Mile High Pugs

Mile High Pugs is a family own business specializing in Chinese pugs. They have been breeding for more than 18 years. They are located in Denver, Colorado. All of their pugs are AKC registered and come from a champion bloodline.  They focus on many colors of pugs such as brindle, frosted, black, and fawn Pugs.

They have carefully screened their pug bloodlines to make sure their puppies are placed in the best possible forever home.  They as well carefully screen their pug Sires and Dames to make sure they are from different bloodlines and therefore do not inherit any of the dreaded genetic pug illnesses. If you want to buy top-quality pug puppies and want to check this breeder review, kindly check out their website and Facebook page.

Pug Breeder Info:

Address: Denver, Colorado

Telephone: +1 303-204-5973

Website: MileHighPugs.com

Social Media: Facebook

Email: milehighpugs@gmail.com

6. Pleiades Pugs

Pleiades Pugs has been breeding top-quality pugs since 2004. They focus on a lot of colors like brindle, frosted, black, and fawn pugs. All pug puppies have been registered with AKC. They as well provide a health guarantee. They only produce a few litters each year. Since they provide all of the care and attention they need, therefore they develop into becoming strong, healthy, and happy dogs.

Pug Breeder Info:

Address / Location: Bailey, CO

Phone Number: 303-909-2591

Email: rmhuzieff@gmail.com

How to choose a Pug Breeder in Colorado

Pug breeders appear all over Colorado, but unfortunately, most are not as honest as they should be with appropriate breeding for health and also physical designs.

There are a few Pug Breeders options in Colorado for you to consider. Here are some pointers to consider when looking for a Pug breeder in Colorado:

Conduct extensive research

There are many Pug breeders in Colorado, but unfortunately, not many of them are as caring as those on our list.

Make certain you conduct thorough research on where your new puppy is coming from once you have blacked out alongside its adorable and fluffy presence.

Contact the Pug breeders.

All reputable Pug breeders should be happy to respond to your inquiries. Whatever you think they are. You should call their establishment or, at the very least, make a video call with them to meet your puppy's parents.

Puppies must not be separated from their mother after 8 weeks, so you must be able to see the mother of the litter and measure her nature, personality, and coat color. Avoid any breeder who appears to be more concerned with the money you are paying than with the caring home you are offering.

Ask for health checks for the Puppy's parents

All reputable breeders will have a health history for their puppies and will be clear about this information.

Conclusion for best Pug breeders in Colorado

We hope you’ve found this list of the best Pug breeders in Colorado helpful. There are many other breeders out there, but we think these are the best places to start your search for a new family member. We also want to thank you for reading this article and learning something new about these amazing dogs.


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