5 Best Dog Breeders in Italy 2022


If are you looking for top-quality puppies in Italy to buy from reputable Dog breeders then this post is for you. A dog in Italy has become very famous for many other factors. In reality, Italy has been a hot place breeding for a number of dog breeds. All of these Italian dogs are happy, brilliant, and very kind.

Thus, we compiled a list of the 5 best Dog breeders in Italy to help you support the right breeder. We suggest that you ask plenty of questions from breeders and as well ask them about the well-being of their puppies. If possible then go and visit their facilities and see how they breed their puppies.

Puppies for Sale in Italy

If you live in Italy and want to purchase friendly top- quality puppies for your family then read this post to the end. We created a list of the 5 best Dog breeders in Italy to help you find the right puppy.

Best Dog breeders in Italy

1. Dei Grandi Grigi

This dog breeder has been breeding with dedication and passion since 1998. The bloodline that they chose for breeding is largely the American one. They chose them for the morphological factor, that they are strong, powerful Weimaraners, as well as the personality factor.

All of their puppies are calm, loving, caring members of their family, and finally, trustable guardians. They brought their puppies to the caring families of those who want to invite them, and they never sent them or sold them to merchants or brokers.

Prior to when their puppies are adopted, all puppies are exposed to very careful psycho-aptitude tests and veterinary medical checks. And also later performed by their local vet Dr. Giannini.

Dei Grandi Grigi kennel has bred many National and International Beauty Champions, Breeders, Europeans, and the first Weimaraner Total Champion (Rapsody) in the history of the breed in Italy.

For more info about puppies’ health and information, kindly contact this breeder.

Dog breeder Info

Address: 52041, Civitella in Val di Chiana AR, Italy

Website: Dei Grandi Grigi

Facebook: Dei Grandi Grigi

Instagram: Dei Grandi Grigi

Email: silvia@deigrandigrigikennel.com

Phone: (339) 161 1422

2.Lagotto Romagnolo Valle dei Medici

Lagotto is located in Tuscany, on the hills of Florence, in that superb green valley which is the Mugello, on the slopes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Lagotto bred smart, calm, and reliable nature puppies, and cheers to these great breeders.

Their family raising a lovely dog in a stunning home, then as well for all the advice and support they have to offer them all over the holding period, foster, and after.

They carried their puppy from Italy to the UK, which required a lot of administration and paperwork, and David was highly skilled and friendly.

They bring the pups from birth to prepare them to enter new families with optimism, often with kids.

Lagotto wants their adult puppies to be ideal Lagotto Romagnolo's in every way, including personality, and to be a source of joy for the families they select for them.

Dog breeder Info

Address: Viale del Poggio dei Cavalli, 2, 50038 Sant’Agata FI, Italy

Website: Lagotto Romagnolo Valle dei Medici

Facebook: Lagotto Romagnolo Valle dei Medici

Email: hello@allevamentovalledeimedici.it

Phone: (393) 970 1279

3.Allevamento Pastori Tedeschi “Del Monte Poliziano”

This dog breeder focuses on Lagotto Romagnolo to keep the breed. They carefully select this breed based on health, nature, morphology, and skill to search for truffles.

Their breeding program offers crucial importance to this area by breeding subjects not improved by the genetic pathologies of the breed.

Dog breeder Info

Address: Via Morandaccio, 155/D, 59024 Vernio PO, Italy

Website: Allevamento Pastori Tedeschi “Del Monte Poliziano”

Facebook: Allevamento Pastori Tedeschi “Del Monte Poliziano”

Instagram: Allevamento Pastori Tedeschi “Del Monte Poliziano”

Email: info@lagottodelcarpinonero.it

Phone: (320) 381 6646

4.Pitbull Forest House

Pitbull Forest House is a kennel for American Pitbull Terrier specializing in Standard UKC. Their puppies are raised in a rural Italian area, more precisely in Megliadino San Fidenzio in the province of Padua.

This dog breeder's goal is to produce subjects with extraordinary morpho-physical characteristics, in full health, with a temperate, well-balanced character, and with an elegant and distinctive bearing to generate the best Pit Bulls in Italy.

All of their puppies always respect the origins of the American Pitbull Terrier and above all the reference UKC standard.  They obey the puppy's journey as well when they transfer their ownership and guide you on their diet. They provide their puppies daily exercise they require, as well as expert guidance on their care and education.

Dog breeder Info

Address: Via Coatta, 10, 35040 Borgo Veneto PD, Italy

Province: Province of Padua

Website: Pitbull Forest House

Facebook: Pitbull Forest House

Email: info@pitbullforesthouse.com

Phone: (351) 566 2659

5.Granaio dei Malatesta

Granaio Dei Malatesta produces strong, healthy working dogs who have great temperaments. Their puppies are born and raised in a family environment, and all puppies have been well-socialized with other animals and people prior to when they go to their forever homes.

All of their puppies come with regular pedigree enci / fci, health book, microchip, and registration in the canine registry. And they transport only when their puppies are 2 months old.

Dog breeder Info

Address: Via Cà Cecchino 1 Loc. San Felice, 47834 Montefiore Conca RN, Italy

Province: Province of Rimini

Website: Granaio dei Malatesta

Email: info@ilgranaiodeimalatesta.it, mbenelli70@gmail.com

Phone: (338) 756 8224

How to choose a Dog Breeder in Italy

Dog breeders appear all over Italy, but unfortunately, most are not as honest as they should be with appropriate breeding for health and also physical designs.

There are a few Dog Breeders options in Italy for you to consider. Here are some pointers to consider when looking for a Dog breeder in Italy:

Conduct extensive research

There are many Dog breeders in Italy, but unfortunately, not many of them are as caring as those on our list.

Make certain you conduct thorough research on where your new puppy is coming from once you have blacked out alongside its adorable and fluffy presence.

Contact the Dog breeders.

All reputable Dog breeders should be happy to respond to your inquiries. Whatever you think they are. You should call their establishment or, at the very least, make a video call with them to meet your puppy's parents.

Puppies must not be separated from their mother after 8 weeks, so you must be able to see the mother of the litter and measure her nature, personality, and coat color. Avoid any breeder who appears to be more concerned with the money you are paying than with the caring home you are offering.

Ask for health checks for the Puppy's parents

All reputable breeders will have a health history for their puppies and will be clear about this information.

Conclusion for best Dog breeders in Italy

We hope you’ve found this list of the best Dog breeders in Italy helpful. There are many other breeders out there, but we think these are the best places to start your search for a new family member. We also want to thank you for reading this article and learning something new about these amazing dogs.





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