5 Best American Bulldog Breeders in Florida 2022


Looking for a great American Bulldog breeder in Florida? We have the best for you. Our list of top breeders will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect breeder for you. But first, you need to know about American bulldogs.

The American Bulldog is a big, muscular breed of mastiff that was used as a stock dog, catch dog and protector on farms and ranches. They originated from the Old English Bulldog, which is assumed to have come to America as early as the 17th century. They were brought back from England by working-class immigrants.

American Bulldog puppies for Sale in Florida

If you’re looking to buy a puppy, then I think you’ll love our selection of adorable American bulldog puppies for sale in FL. We have done our research and created a list of the 5 best American Bulldog breeders in Florida. There are no puppy mills and backyard breeders on our list.

Best American Bulldog breeders in Florida, FL

1. Sunshine’s American Bulldogs FL

Sunshine's American Bulldogs was created in 2015. They started their breeding business with the purchase of their original Dam Madam Charlotte. They bought their first litter in December 2018.

This American bulldog breeder spends a lot of time at their first litter with the purchase of NKC registered Sire, Captain, and Fury. They are recognized for their passion for the American Bulldog and for serving them to reach success at their rural Florida facility.

All of their dogs have been allowed to free roam, play, and protect on property.  Their primary goal is the health, temperament, and quality of their dog’s life and puppies at Sunshine's. All of their dogs carry a little sunshine to their owners’ lives.

American Bulldog breeder info:

Address: Mascotte, FL

Website: Sunshine’s Bulldogs

Phone Number: 14075295297

2. Love That Bulldog FL

Love That Bulldog is located in Lakeland Florida. They have been breeding dogs for more than 35 years. They work hard to produce top-quality healthy, happy quality puppies, some of the best out there in Florida.

Every puppy is raised inside their home with their kids. They great pride in ensuring all of their puppies are happy, social, playful, and loved. All of their puppies have been health checked, and are up to date on their first shots of vaccinations they as well offer a 1-year health guarantee.

American Bulldog breeder Info:

Phone: 863-617-8086 / 863-529-7566

Email: loveofwhitelion@aol.com

Website: LoveThat Bulldog

Location: 1628 Slash Pine Rd, Lakeland, FL 33809

3. Childs Bulldogs FL

This bulldog Breeder is located in Florida. They breed French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs. They have been breeding these dogs since 2004. They have their own home with a large yard for their puppies.

They raise their dogs in a loving environment. They are very dedicated to their work. They are also very honest when it comes to the health of their dogs. They want to make sure that they will place their puppies in good homes where they will be loved. All of their French and English bulldogs are registered with AKC.

Childs Bulldogs make sure that all of their puppies are up to date on their vaccines. They want to ensure that they will place their dogs in loving homes where the dogs will be well taken care of.

American bulldog breeder info:

Phone: (772)- 828-5798

Website: Child Bulldog's

4. Legends of Denmark

If are you looking to buy a puppy who will be happy and healthy, then Legends of Denmark is the better choice for you. Legends of Denmark is located in Jacksonville, Florida. This breeder's goal is to breed healthy and strong puppies.

This breeder has been breeding bulldogs for over five years. They have bred various champions sired bulldogs, who have shown that they are very healthy and strong. Their pups are friendly and very socialized and will make excellent companions. All of their bulldogs are raised in a warm and caring environment, they are always friendly and pleasant.

American bulldog breeder Info:

Phone: (904)-627-0304

Email: legendsofdenmark@aol.com

Website: Legendsof Denmark

Address: Chandler Oaks Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32221

5. HeavenSent Bulldogs

This bulldog breeder takes great pride in its breeding program. All of their pups are registered from A.K.C. and the majority of their puppies are regarded to become show prospects. All of their puppies are their family members, they produce their puppies for health and conformation for the purpose of show ring needs.  

HeavenSent Bulldog's kennels are part of their home. Their puppies are exposed to kids, and animals and are socialized from the moment they are born. All of their bulldogs have been health checked, up-to-date on shots, A.K.C. papers, and a Florida state health certificate, and they come with a four-generation pedigree.  Their primary goal is to find caring families for each of their puppies.

American bulldog breeder Info:

Phone: (813)-610-7199

Website: HeavenSent Bulldogs

How to find the American Bulldog breeder in Florida

If you are searching for a reputable American Bulldog breeder in Florida, you have to first know the reputation of the person. Make sure that the person has a good reputation. This will show the breeder is reputable. This means that the person is trustworthy.

A reputable breeder has done homework on the dog breeds. A reputable breeder will show you that he/she is knowledgeable about the breed. He/she will also have references for you.

A trustworthy breeder will also tell you about his/her experience. This means that you will find out how long he/she has been breeding American Bulldogs. A breeder that has been breeding dogs for several years is likely to be a better breeder.

We also recommend that you read reviews of previous customers on online forums to look for a trustworthy American Bulldog breeder in FL. Likewise, you have to do your own research and talk to others in the community about this breeder.

You must talk to people in the business that you know or that have connections to the breeder's business. You will be able to learn what people are thinking about this breeder. It's best not to talk about anything you're doing in public because it could offend or bother others.

More Info about American bulldog Puppies in Florida

The American bulldog puppy is one of the best dog breeds in the United States. They are very active and energetic dogs. These dogs love to play. They can be trained for different purposes. The American Bulldog is a large dog with a very friendly and loyal temperament. These dogs are known to be extremely smart and athletic. They are known to be excellent family pets. They have an average life expectancy of 10-15 years.

Conclusion for best American Bulldog Breeders in Florida, FL

I hope that this article helped you decide which Best American Bulldog breeders in Florida in our list is right for you. If you want to buy a top-quality healthy, happy bulldog puppy, you must think about our list of reputable breeders.


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