5 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Indiana 2022


If you haven’t heard of the new Bernedoodle dog breed, you are surely missing out. This breed is lovely, colorful, typically non-shedding, and also hypoallergenic. Moreover, they are defined for their silly and calm-going traits mixed with their loyal and smart features.

These are among the most famous designer dog breeds second only to the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle which are pretty hard and hard to find. It's been very hard to find Bernedoodle puppies in Indiana like this breed turn out to be more and more famous.

If you are seeking the Best Bernedoodle breeders in Indiana, we have a nice present for you. There are some truly amazing choices, mainly near the Northeast portion of the state then as well spread out in some other areas also.

We have done plenty of independent research and are ready to share the best Bernedoodle breeders in Indiana along with a simple outline of the exercise also that every breeder provides. Yet, we always recommended that you do your own research when buying a puppy and ask your future breeder plenty of questions. Let’s begin the article.

Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Indiana

1. SM Bernedoodles Indiana

SM Bernedoodles specializes in standard and mini Bernedoodle puppies in New Haven, Indiana. They usually have both sable and tri-colored Bernedoodle puppies offered in their litters. Every one of their puppies is lovable, unique, and appears extra fluffy. SM Bernedoodles raises clever and loyal dogs with optimistic natures from the start of life.

This family has a property with land and the parent's dogs free to travel the property like they satisfy. Besides, their Bernedoodle puppies are always born and raised in their home with the family also they are treated as members of the family every single time. They get plenty of love, and fun time, and are around kids every day.

SM Bernedoodles exists in this business for almost a decade and they have achieved the art of breeding. They like breeding pleased and strong Bernedoodle puppies in Indiana to discuss with the world and also, and they do a perfect job of it. They willingly answer the questions and also invite possible families to come and visit to see the breeder and also the puppies.

Bernedoodle Puppy Information:

Sizes: Standard and Mini Bernedoodle puppies

Generations: F1B and F1 Bernedoodle puppies

Bernedoodle Breeder Information:

Location: New Haven, IN

Phone: 260-385-9100

Email: info@smbernedoodles.com

Website: https://www.smbernedoodles.com/

2. Gentle Giant Bernedoodles Indiana

This Bernedoodle breeder is as well placed in Spencerville, Indiana which is not far from Fort Wayne. They own both standard and mini Bernedoodles for sale in Indiana. This family runs their breeding business on a 30-acre farm as well the puppies and parents are free to run around and play on the farm. In count, their dogs obtain plenty of care and work out on the farm.

The Bernedoodle puppies are born and raised like members of the family. Moreover, they also looked after within their home to make sure which they may change simply to your home on the correct time. The puppies are raised to become happy, and strong, and obtain every of the required treatments and vaccines a puppy must get.

This breeder also lets visits, you just need to contact them first and plan fast thus they know you are coming over and they will be ready for you. There are plenty of helpful reviews and references out there about this family and you could get their images by their site.

You can as well learn more about the parents and also get to see the puppies and possible litters of the seasons.

Bernedoodle Puppy Information:

Sizes: Mini and standard Bernedoodle puppies

Generations: multi-generational Bernedoodle puppies

Bernedoodle Breeder Information:

Location: Spencerville, IN

Email: info@gentlegiantbernedoodles.com

Website: https://www.gentlegiantbernedoodles.com/puppies

3. Willow Creek Bernedoodles IN

Willow Creek Bernedoodles specializes in breeding strong and lovable Bernedoodle puppies thus that you can get an amazing lifetime buddy. Many of their litters are tri-colored then the coat color for any Bernedoodle could differ. Presently, all puppy is sold out then there are many more to come.

They are Placed just outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana, these Bernedoodle puppies have a lot of space to run and play like their parents. This small farm is a great place to raise their own dogs as well also to breed Bernedoodles to discuss.

All puppy is loved and raised like a member of the family in the home. They obtain lots of kindness, and care and also may arrive at you by every of the correct socialization skills. They let visitors by any time to come and see their facilities, you only require to call in advance.

They believe their next litter to come in the fall so make sure to obtain on their list so sign up now or it will be too late. Puppies obtain every health treatment and come home to you with a 2-year health promise. In our view, these are a few of the best Bernedoodle breeders in Indiana.

Bernedoodle Puppy Information:

Sizes: Mini and Standard Bernedoodle puppies

Generations: Multi-generational Bernedoodle puppies

Bernedoodle Breeder Information:

Location: Spencerville, IN

Phone: 260-385-2615

Website: Willow Creek Bernedoodles Indiana

Facebook: social media

4. Acorn Lane Bernedoodles Indiana

In the heart of St. Joe, Indiana, close to Auburn, lies this small farm which is defined as Acorn Lane. Where they breed both mini and standard Bernedoodle puppies which are bred to be fun, clever, and loyal. These puppies’ variety in color, by few of the vastly pursued later tri-color puppies in the mix.

This family included 2 adults and 7 kids. The puppies are raised like members of this family and also devote each day to the kids thus they are not ever missing care, attention, or love. The family enables visitors and tours thus you could see the breeders, the family, also the puppies and parents as well. You can suppose that the puppies may be well friendly once you carry them home.

Each puppy receives health testing and vaccinations and also health guarantees. They arrive home with a health promise thus it is possible they may be free of genetic illnesses. You could see lots of images and references on their website. It appears you may also follow the Bernedoodle processes on their Instagram as well.

Bernedoodle Puppy Information:

Sizes: Standard and Mini Bernedoodle puppies

Generations: multi-generational Bernedoodle puppies

Bernedoodle Breeder Information:

Location: St. Joe, IN

Phone: 260-645-0745 or 260-645-0711

Email: info@acornlanebernedoodles.com

Website: Acorn Lane Bernedoodles Indiana

5. DJ’s Designer Doodles

This breeder is further aside from the heart of Indiana, more southwest in the state, set in Freedom. DJ’s designer doodles are bred to become designer dogs also they are lovely and also happy and strong.

Many of the Bernedoodles for sale in Indiana are tri-color puppies. They mainly raise mini Bernedoodles that enable them to effort on one size and breed instead of figuring thru many sizes. Each of the puppies is raised like a family pet and also by the parent dogs.

The Bernedoodle puppies are raised and looked after in their own home and are handled like members of the family. They obtain plenty of love, and attention, and invest time with kids also many other pets as well. Besides, they have plenty of images and references offered on their site. You could as well contact them to organize a visit.

This Bernedoodle breeder in Indiana truly has the system of breeding and raising family-run doodles down to an art. The mom dogs are AKC-registered Bernese Mountain Dogs which arrive from winner bloodlines.

Bernedoodle Puppy Information:

Sizes: Mini Bernedoodle puppies

Generations: F1B and F1 Bernedoodle puppies

Bernedoodle Breeder Information:

Location: Freedom, IN

Phone: 717-824-0364

Facebook: social media

Website: DJ Designer Doodles Indiana

How to Select a Bernedoodle Breeder in Indiana

Indiana is a state which has plenty of farm space and open parts. Most of these reputable Bernedoodle breeders in the state own land and farm ground. We have listed 5 Bernedoodle breeders in Indiana which are spread across the state, then there are many other choices to select from as well.

In order to support you make an up-to-date result, we have collected some helpful tips to share to benefit you select a good breeder. You must keep away from puppy mills and backyard breeders at any cost since you may possibly not obtain a strong puppy but also live a long time.

Research and Look Around

Once you make a final result, make sure to review your choices. Analyze each of the existing choices and the info about a breeder online. Check their history, references, and reviews.

You like to see you are working with an honest breeder also that the puppy you are going to pay for is exactly what you imagined. Also, make sure to look over the info offered to you. When possible, you may also arrange a visit to see their facilities.

Plan Ahead

With high-quality breeds such as the Bernedoodle, the puppies are naturally kept once they are born. It is vital to know when you might find yourself on a waiting list till a litter is born. Also make sure to plan forward, plan for the charges, and accept the fact you perhaps aren’t picking up your puppy the next day. The wait is fine worth it. Many Bernedoodle breeders in Indiana have a waitlist which is usually a few months.

Conclusion for Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Indiana

You truly cant' go upset with a Bernedoodle, regardless of which kind you go with. They each own politely long lifetimes as well they are also hypoallergenic and non-shedding dog breed. Yet, finding reputable Bernedoodle breeders in Indiana is a hard job since you want your puppy to grow up to become strong and happy.

There are many puppy mills that you need to keep away from before buying a dog. Always do your own study and plan to visit the facility which you are buying your puppy from. We wish you find the ideal Bernedoodle puppy in Indiana.

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