5 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Florida 2022


Bernedoodles are a designer dog breed that is quickly becoming more and more famous as they make great family dogs. These dogs are truly great with their hypoallergenic and non-shedding qualities. In total, they are adorable and fairly easy to handle.

Finding the best Bernedoodle breeders in Florida is not simple. There are a lot of breeders in Florida. Then you ensure that you are not defending a puppy mill disguised as the best breeder. 

You should conduct your own independent research to confirm a breeder is offering genetic testing, and health guarantees, and allow you to see the parent dogs. Since our job is only to offer information, you must go and inspect the breeder yourself. Because it is best for you.

What is Bernedoodle?

Bernedoodles are a designer breed that is created from a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog. The parents arrive together and make beautiful Bernedoodle puppies that combine the top traits of these two breeds.

They also have calm natures and loyal personality traits like dogs. As well, Bernedoodles are as well smart, loving, and silly each of the same time.

Bernedoodles could differ in size quite a bit, based on whether they are bred with a mini-Poodle or standard Poodle. Bernedoodles come in a variety of sizes and weights ranging from 20 to 90 pounds.

The best Bernedoodle Breeders in Florida

1. Highfalutin Furry Babies Florida

Highfalutin Furry Babies is a boutique breeder in Florida who has fun raising their lovely Bernedoodle puppies in Eustace, Florida. They stay busy, and there is as well an open period for people who watch or meet their puppies and adult dogs. The best point to get in touch is via email.

This breeder uses the best breeding systems to make lovely Bernedoodle puppies in Florida. Their puppies are happy family pets and also well-service dogs. In Florida, they are defined as reputable Bernedoodle breeders since they are a member of the UBR (United Bernedoodle Registry).

The health and care of your puppy are as well equally vital. They also can hand deliver puppies to many locations in the United States for an extra fee. Highfalutin Furry Babies Florida too has faith in donating. They donate puppies to families in require of service and therapy dogs and have donated many puppies to help every kind of person with superior needs.

Bernedoodle Breed Information

Sizes: Mini, Medium, and Standard Bernedoodle puppies

Generations: F1B and F1 Bernedoodle puppies

Bernedoodle Breeder Information

Location: Eustis, Florida

Website: http://www.highfalutinfurrybabies.com/

2.Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles

Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles is a breeder that is located in Summerfield, Florida. Their Mini Bernedoodle puppies are well recognized and also have a high rating. For 13 years they have finished F1 Mini Bernedoodles breeding and breeding exercise. 

They put a lot of effort to make high-quality dogs and as well try to analyze the coat and size of their puppies. Each of their puppies becomes a member of the family from the moment they are born. 

Their puppies and family pets live with them within their home. Thus, their puppies are good with other pets and manage well with kids. Their aim is to raise the best family dog that your family enjoys with them and make become your long-term friend.

Their mini Bernedoodle puppies have minimal shedding and forever have a simple and attractive personality. You could as well visit their facility and see the family and Bernedoodles puppies.

You could find various reviews on their website and on their Facebook page. It is among the best Bernedoodle breeders in Florida.

Bernedoodle Breed Information

Sizes: Mini Bernedoodle puppies

Generations: F1 Bernedoodle puppies

Bernedoodle Breeder Information

Location: Summerfield, Florida

Phone: 765-863-1838

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Summerfieldminibernedoodles/

Website: Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles Florida

3. Juniper Crossing Farms FL

Juniper Crossing Farms is a Bernedoodle breeder which is placed on a Florida-century pioneer family farm.  It has been their dream to breed heritage livestock and puppies. 

They started to make that dream come true in 2014 when they choose to breed Bernedoodles. They also own many kinds of animals on their farm and the Bernedoodles are well friendly with these animals.

This breeder is a member of the United Bernedoodle registry since their dogs are high-quality. Each parent is health tested and you could get the information for the dams and sires at their site. You could as well look into their contract and health promises for their Bernedoodle puppies in Florida.

Bernedoodle Breed Information

Sizes: Standard, small, and mini Bernedoodle puppies

Generations: F1 and F1B Bernedoodle puppies

Bernedoodle Breeder Information

Location: Quincy, Florida

Phone: 850-510-9393

Email: junipercrossingfarms@yahoo.com

Website: Juniper Crossing Farms

4.Bailey’s Bernedoodles

Bailey’s Bernedoodles is a Bernedoodle breeder that is situated next to 174 Indian Cove Ln, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. They have a brief waiting list that will be filled later this month and they too own regular Bernedoodle puppies for sale.

The Bernedoodle puppies arrive from their mother Bailey, who is a happy and strong mother. She weighs around 70 pounds and is an AKC and CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. 

She is yet pretty new also this is only her second litter breeding Bernedoodle. She exists inbred through a mini poodle thus you could expect their Bernedoodle dog to become average-sized. They expect the average to standard-sized Bernedoodles like to her first litter.

Bernedoodle Breed Information

Sizes: Medium and Standard Bernedoodle puppies

Generations: F1 Bernedoodle puppies

Bernedoodle Breeder Information

Location: Verda Beach, Florida

Phone: 850-485-2346

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bernedoodlespups/posts

Website: Bailey’s Bernedoodles

5.Clovie’s Creation

Clovie's creation is the small home family business breeder. They are located in Jacksonville outside of Bryceville, Florida. Each of their dogs is family sociable and lives within their home. They handle each of their dogs like a family. 

They mostly effort into breeding strong puppies and also like great qualities. Every one of their puppies is well manner and simple to teach. Thus, they can achieve each of your hope just like he does for them.

They own plenty of images and info on their site and also on their social media pages.

Bernedoodle Breed Information

Sizes: Standard Bernedoodle puppies

Generations: Multi-generational Bernedoodle puppies

Bernedoodle Breeder Information

Location: Brycefield, FL (near Jacksonville)

Phone: 912-572-5924 (call or text)

Email: cloviescreation@gmail.com

Website: Clovie's creation

How to select a Bernedoodle Breeder in Florida

If you live in Florida, and you are seeking the best Bernedoodle breeders in Florida. Thus, there are many multiple Bernedoodle breeder choices for you must think. While Bernedoodle has grown more famous in recent years. 

Sadly, there are too many false breeders Grow has been increasing on the market. Thus, you must require to be alert to that. There are 3 best measures to select the best Bernedoodle breeders in Florida.

Do Deep Research:

While, there are a lot of Bernedoodle breeders in Florida, then not each of them is honest. You must research them and unless you are pleased with the breeder at that time you must purchase from him.

Contact Bernedoodle breeders:

We suggest you to request each of your queries about each Bernedoodle breeder you contact. You could as well visit their facility to meet the dogs and get images of their parents. Even if the puppies are less than 8 weeks old, you could certainly get a litter mother. Decent breeders are happy to reply to each of your queries.

Check Medical History:

You must get the medical history of the puppy's parents. A reputable breeder should have a medical history for both parents. A decent breeder acquires each of the qualities that pleased the customer. And also, they suggest a list of vaccinations to provide to puppies on a daily basis.

Conclusion for Best Bernedoodle Breeders in Florida

Bernedoodle puppies in Florida are very famous since they are often multi-colored. In count, they naturally do not shed more than a Bernese Mountain Dog and are mainly hypoallergenic which is wonderful for people with pet allergies. 

There are many Bernedoodle breeders in Florida and it is really tough to find an honest breeder. We have ended plenty of independent studies and also look into the United Bernedoodle Registry to benefit you find your next puppy.




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